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Welcome to this wonderful selection of best barber razors.

You will want to buy barber razors that are easy to use and clean, making sure that it will last in the long run. To help you, I have compiled and reviewed the top rated barber razors that can be purchased on Amazon.

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Best Price Barber Razors

Parker SRW Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor & 100 Shark Super Stainless Blades
Parker Safety Razor

If you are looking for a Barber Shop quality straight razor but are tired of sharpening and stropping (or don’t want to start) this product offering is for you! Our PARKER SRW Straight Edge Barber Razor is has a Genuine Stainless Steel blade arm and is of the highest quality.

  • “All in all I believe the product to be a GREAT way to start straight razor shaving and I recommend it without an ounce of hesitation!” – Amir
  • “The handle is made of plastic, but it feels good in the hand and is pleasing to the eye.” – Mike
  • “Then, when I was opening up the razor to replace the blade, the metal part of the razor somehow caught on the plastic end near the hinge and broke it off.” – Gino Lee

Utopia Care Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor with 100 Derby blades
Utopia Care

Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor with 100 Derby blades. Exchangeable blade Razor with 100 Derby single edge blades. You don’t need to split double edge razor blades any more.

Product Reviews
  • “The razor blades are very sharp and work well.” – Lucky
  • “The razor has a pretty solid construction and holds the blade in place very well.” – Sensitive Face
  • “This product came exactly as shown and as described.” – Cindy-Rose Earl Covic

Parker SRB Straight Edge Barber Razor and 5 Shark Stainless Blades
Parker Safety Razor

Our Straight Edge Barber Razor is esigned for professional and barbershop use. This razor has a snap lock to secure the blade in place as well as many other features found only in high end models.

  • “It is a great starter to the world of straight razor shaving.” – Konapiliahi
  • “The Parker SRB is very light in the hand and is easy to manuver and grip.” – Dave
  • “The sad part is that I read it on a review of a previous customer and I ignored it.” – Gallardocoghlan

Stainless Steel Barber Razor Classic
General Edge

The classic Barber Straight Razor features an extremely sharp 4 1/2 inch stainless steel blade. The contoured heavy weight stainless steel handle features an elegant acid etched handle surface.

Consumer Reviews
  • “The one that I had gotten was a “Sweeny Todd replica” with a 6.5 inch blade that wasn’t sharp and wouldn’t sharpen.” – Pen Name
  • “Every bit of 5 inches.” – Matt M
  • “It’s sturdy and appears to be well made.” – Armando Salazar

Luxor Pro Master Razor Barber Razor

Crafted From Surgical Grade Stainless Steel For Precision Cutting & Detailing Designed For The Master Barber

Expert Advice
  • “It feels nice in your hand, well balanced, and made of top quality.” – Daniel Tavares
  • “I bent it back into place and it works fine.” – Gino Lee
  • “I was so scared to order but now I am so glad I did.” – Kimberly Ruiz

MD Dragon Razor
MD Barber

This is our new straight razor, the Dragon and it is is taking the barbering industry by storm.

Consumer Reports
  • “The weight balance makes it feel perfect in control.” – paul
  • “I am very pleased with this razor, and will be ordering more MD Barber products (this was my first – I am a straight-razor user, not a barber).” – Amazon Customer
  • “And the blade tensioner came off after two times after changing the blade.” – Dave Pegg

SIMCO Barber Razor Blade (Black or White)


Expert Advice
  • “Came honed from the factory but I guess I will try honing it myself and stropping.” – Pen Name
  • “I’m sending mine back.” – Michael Christenson II
  • “I decided to abandon it completely and buy a more expensive straight razor.” – Daniel Perrin

MD Black Dragon Razor
MD Barber Supply

Designed for a new level of shaving control and precision, the BLACK DRAGON is unique in the barbering industry. Our three rivet design adds sturdiness and long life to the handle.

Master Barber Classic Safety Razor CM0690

Master Barber introduces a butterfly design safety razor with a non-slip grip handle. This classic safety razor provides a smooth, close shave without irritation.

Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor - Brown Handle & Gold Blade
Utopia Care

Utopia Care Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor

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