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When trying to look for a new de safety razor, many people complain that it is so hard to buy a de safety razor which is both good quality and budget.

In order to help you with a perfect de safety razor, our website was set. We have the best rated and reviewed de safety razor on our page. No matter what you want, the best priced one or the most recommended one, you will find it here.

May you find what you want here.

Best Price De Safety Razor

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

The Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor has a chrome finish. Its double edge design provides a very close shave. Its comfortable extra long handle is designed for a non-slip grip and works well with all hands especially larger hands.

Customer Reviews
  • “The razors weight and longer handle feel very nice in hand.” – Frederick W. Ebbrecht
  • “This will save money in the long run.” – Sandhu
  • “In fact, i’d say it’s pointless to try the Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor without the Feather Razor Blades.” – Thomas E.

Edwin Jagger De89lbl Double Edge Safety Razor Chrome Plated Lined Detail, Chrome
Edwin Jagger

This fabulous traditional double edge safety razor is fitted with the latest precision manufactured Edwin Jagger DE razor blade head creating great interest among experienced wet shavers requiring a close and accurate wet shave with finished results comparable to the original straight cut throat razor.

De Safety Razor Reviews
  • “The razor itself is top quality – a beautiful chrome finish, a nice weight and very well manufactured.” – gch3
  • “The feather razor blades and the Edwin Jagger razor are a better combination, in my view, than the Feather razor/feather razor blades.” – Mike Morgan
  • “Looks like it will last a lifetime so if it does it will really save me on cost from buying all those crappy disposable razors.” – nickgeo

Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor #34C (Blade Included)

Nothing can beat the original safety razors with their replaceable double-edged blades that provide a smooth, clean shave. The very best are hand-crafted by Merkur in Solingen, Germany and this decorative model of traditional design is as reassuringly heavy in the hand as they come.

Consumer Reports
  • “It’s heavy weight (balanced, doesn’t feel cheap) and fits great in my hand.” – Den
  • “This razor gave me the best shave I have ever had.” – Michael
  • “And the razor is good quality and worth the money will own it for years to come.” – Tammy

Parker 96R - Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 SHARK blades
Parker Safety Razor

This is the long awaited Parker 96R that has the NEW HEAD for 2010! This razor has a sure grip handle. The Frame is all brass and the head is Nickel plated! This razor provides an incredibly smooth shave when coupled with the SHARK blades.

Consumer Reviews
  • “He is very proud of it, and thinks it is a great quality razor.” – Mary Linhart
  • “The knurled handles help to maintain a comfortable grip, and the razor feels solid with a nice weight to it.” – Rebel Shrug
  • “The shark blades and Parker 96R Shaver are the best combination for shaving.” – Paul

Parker 22R - Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 Shark Super Chrome Blades
Parker Safety Razor

The Parker 22R is a classic! The razor is all metal – genuine brass frame with nickel/chrome plating. This razor provides an incredibly smooth shave when coupled with the SHARK blades.

Buying Guides
  • “The 22R feels nice and solid and has a good weight to it and appears to be well made.” – B. Kremian
  • “If I had to do it all over again I would still choose this razor…I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good DE razor!” – Dean B. Reardon
  • “The Parker 22R Double Edge Butterfly Safety razor worked perfect for a beginner like me.” – Jonathon E. Miller

Lord Premium Safety Razor Model LP1822L aka L6

Lord Premium Safety Razor Model LP1822L
Merkur like Head

This Razor offers the ultimate in double edged affordability and lightweight construction.
Comes with 1 LORD Platinum Blade

Authentic LORD Razor made in Egypt by LORD Company.

Expert Advice
  • “I would highly recommend this to anyone especially, a beginner who wants to start using a safety razor.” – Robert McAtee
  • “The handle won’t screw to the head any more as there is not enough thread!” – mohamed
  • “The handle is very obviously made of aluminum (it’s light) but the head carries all the weight needed.” – Grady A. Pfahl

Merkur Futur Double Edge Safety Razor #700 + 5 Free DE Razor Blades

Traditional heavyweight double sided safety razor with a longer handle for greater comfort and control. Adjustable settings for closer shaving with double edge razor blades.

Expert Advice
  • “I enjoy the ritual, and ability for this razor to give me the best shaves ever.” – Stanley Green
  • “Well built razor, solid heavy, well balanced.” – Tmanqz
  • “The Futur combined with the Feather DE razor blades gives me the smoothest shave I have ever had.” – 12 volt

Merkur Heavy Classic Double-Edged Safety Razor 34c

Keeping classic shaving alive, this handcrafted, chrome-finished, double-edged razor is a perfect revival for experienced wetshavers and grooming newbies alike.

Buyers Guide
  • “It’s built very solid, it has a good heavy feel in the hand.” – Glenn
  • “I’m saving a ton of money over those expensive razors.” – M. Cauley
  • “Best shaving experience I have ever had (including my father’s Gillette DE Butterfly style razor which I used for many years.)” – Richard

Mehaz Double-Edge Safety Razor
Consumer Guide
  • “Seems well made with a nice finish.” – tom
  • “I also have used Derby and Dorco blades which also did great.” – CincyRedsFan
  • “No cuts & feels BBS clean burn free shave.” – World Shopper

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