Single Blade Razors

There is no doubt that single blade razors is one of the best gift ideas. You can browse through this page to look for the best single blade razors.

Looking for the best single blade razors is not easy, because you may want it to be safe to your skin but also be inexpensive. Don’t worry! There is always one on our page can meet your needs.

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Best Single Blade Razors Ratings

American Safety Razor 66-0089-disp Single Edge Razor Blade Box, 100-Pack
American Safety Razor


Perfect for cleaning side windows and rear windows without defroster.
Always use a sharp new blade when scraping the window to prevent scratches.

  • “Each blade is individually wrapped with a cardboard protector sleeve for your safety, which is easy enough to remove.” – Mark Litz
  • “This 100 blade dispenser was priced just right.” – Ted Detjen
  • “I will buy these again in the future when I run out.” – Cyryl B.

Wilkinson Sword Double Edge single Razor Cartridge, 5 blades

Traditional Double Edge Blade technology for long time shavers

Product Comparisons
  • “I have tried several blades for my Merkur Slant razor and the Wilkinson Sword is the best razor for comfort and sharpness.” – B. F.
  • “This product was difficult to find in an actual retail store anymore.” – J. Wegwitz
  • “The German engineering shows!” – Julius C

Gem Personna Single Edge Super Stainless Steel Blades with Used Blade Vault - 10 Pack

INDICATIONS: Hold dispenser in right hand between thumb and index finger with thumb window facing up and towards you. Gem Personna Single Edge Super Stainless Steel Blades Slowly push blade out with thumb.

Consumer Guide
  • “I was glad to find these razors available.” – BDT
  • “They work great; they get the job done.” – Vanessa Brown
  • “Gem’s are the best single edge I have ever used.” – Sheila Christmas

300 Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blades comes with free Shaving Factory Straight Razor

This package will satisfy your shaving needs for couple of years. All derby razor blades are manufactured from stainless razor blade steel strip from Sweden.

Single Blade Razors Reviews
  • “It’s pretty good for a beginner trying to get into straight razors.” – Hammerhead
  • “Dents and scratches all over the handle, wear(used marks) on the head of the razor and the part were you place your disposable blades.” – L. Clark
  • “Thanks a load eStore!” – Yousuf Allawala

Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blades, 100 Count

All Derby razor blades are manufactured from stainless razor blade steel strip from Sweden hardened and ground by utilizing most advanced equipment all derby razor blades cutting edges are deposited with chromium ceramic, tungsten and platinum by advanced spluttering equipment for optimum edge strength thus longer shaving life.

Expert Advice
  • “I use the Dovo Silver Stainless Steel Shavette Straight Razor Replaceable Blade with Red Blade Holder and these blades are a perfect fit.” – The Gentlemen’s Barber
  • “These were for my first straight razor (a cheaper Dovo) but they are a great deal.” – JimBo Ha
  • “If you are just starting out KNOW that you will cut yourself, even with these blades.” – Fire Hazard

100 LORD Razor Blades Super Stainless Single edge for Barbers

LORD Razor Blades for professional Straight Edge Barber razors. Package with 100 individually wrapped blades per box, we sell this product to Barbershops for use in their straight edge barber razors that require half a blade.

BIC Single Blade Shaver, Sensitive, 12-Count (Pack of 12)

The classic BIC® shaver for sensitive skin. A single-blade shaver that delivers an easy and simple shave. Gives a smooth and close shave for sensitive skin.

  • “The BIC Sensitive Shaver shaves smooth, close and no pulling or dragging (I can go for a day without shaving and still get excellent results).” – Robert B. Hall
  • “As I said, MZ Photo sent me these 15 razors promptly – more than the order was meant to be.” – J. Alec West
  • “Listing says 144 razors and all you get is one 12 count package.” – Karen Frost

Treet Super Single Edge Wrapped Razor Blades - 10 Ea

Treet Single Edge Blades Pack of 1

Schick Injector Razor Refill Blades: 7 Count

You’re going to get a clean, comfortable shave with your Schick Injector. Each stainless steel blade is electronically metalized with durable chromium and polymer coated to ensure closeness and comfort.

Consumer Guide
  • “My husband will only use the injector razor to shave.” – rusty
  • “Yes I would recommend these to someone.” – Toni F.
  • “I’m really glad I have been able to find the blades for it on the internet.” – J. R. Davis

American Safety Razor 66-0448 Heavy-Duty Single Edge Razor Blades, 100-Pack
American Safety Razor


Single edge blade, notched
Heavy-duty #12 (.

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